Sugar Cane specializes in unique designs handcrafted from eco-friendly materials.

Every item is individually created in Barrington, Illinois.

The materials we use are most often designer discards or salvaged materials from various existing items.

  • Example: A designer creates pillows for a high end retailer. The excess material is scrap, but instead of being tossed, we obtain it and make a one of a kind apron.

  • Example: A leather coat with a torn sleeve has lived its useless life as a coat. Instead of ending up in a landfill, we disassemble the coat creating raw materials such as leather, fasteners, etc. that become the beginnings of a variety of items that we offer.

The materials we use to construct our products are obtained in small quantities, Most often we have just enough of a specific material to create one item. So its unlikely you’ll ever see another one just like it.

Only assembly items such as threads, rivets, adhesives necessary to construct our items are we the primary consumer.